The Complete Works Of Joseph Conrad (Annotated) [Shandon Classics]

This book collects the entire writings of Joseph Conrad.

The assortment is looked after chronologically by means of booklet book. There are the standard inline tables of contents and hyperlinks after every one text/chapter to come again to the respective tables. Dates of first booklet are available on the finish of the stories.


Almayer’s Folly (1895)
An Outcast of the Islands (1896)
The Nigger of the “Narcissus” (1897)
Tales of Unrest (1898): Karain: A reminiscence, The Idiots, An Outpost of development, The go back, The Lagoon
Lord Jim (1900)
The Inheritors (1901, with Ford Madox Hueffer)
Youth: a story, and different tales (1902): early life, middle of Darkness, the top of the Tether
Typhoon and different tales (1903): storm, Amy Foster, Falk, To-morrow
Romance (1903, with Ford Madox Hueffer)
Nostromo (1904)
The replicate of the ocean (1906, memoir)
The undercover agent (1907)
A Set of Six (1908): Gaspar Ruiz, The Informer, The Brute, An Anarchist, The Duel, Il Conde
Under Western Eyes (1911)
A own list (1912, memoir)
’Twixt Land and Sea (1912): a grin of Fortune, the key Sharer, Freya of the Seven Isles
Chance (1913)
Within the Tides (1915): The Planter of Malata, The associate, The lodge of the 2 Witches, end result of the Dollars
Victory (1915)
The Shadow-Line (1917)
The Arrow of Gold (1919)
The Rescue (1920)
Notes on lifestyles and Letters (1921, essays)
The Rover (1923)
The Nature of a criminal offense (1923, with Ford Madox Hueffer)
Suspense (1925, unfinished)
Tales of rumour (1925): The Warrior’s Soul, Prince Roman, the story, The Black Mate
Last Essays (1926, essays)

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He took his position on the desk contrary Almayer and attempted to talk cheerfully to his gloomy spouse, but if the meal was once ended they usually sat smoking in silence he felt an abrupt discouragement, a lassitude in all his limbs, a feeling of large disappointment as after a few nice and irreparable loss. The darkness of the evening entered his middle, bringing with it doubt and hesitation and uninteresting anger with himself and all of the international. He had an impulse to shout terrible curses, to quarrel with Almayer, to do whatever violent. rather with none quick provocation he suggestion he want to attack the wretched, sulky beast. He glanced at him ferociously from less than his eyebrows. The subconscious Almayer smoked thoughtfully, making plans to-morrow’s paintings most likely. The man’s composure looked as if it would Willems an unpardonable insult. Why didn’t that fool speak to-night while he sought after him to? . . . on different nights he was once prepared sufficient to chatter. And such uninteresting nonsense too! And Willems, attempting challenging to repress his personal mindless rage, regarded fixedly in the course of the thick tobacco-smoke on the stained tablecloth. They retired early, as ordinary, yet in the midst of the evening Willems leaped out of his hammock with a stifled execration and ran down the stairs into the courtyard. the 2 evening watchmen, who sat by way of a bit hearth speaking jointly in a run of the mill undertone, lifted their heads to seem wonderingly on the discomposed positive aspects of the white guy as he crossed the circle of sunshine thrown out through their fireplace. He disappeared within the darkness after which got here again back, passing them shut, yet without signal of awareness in their presence on his face. forwards and backwards he paced, muttering to himself, and the 2 Malays, after a quick session in whispers left the hearth quietly, now not pondering it secure to stay within the region of a white guy who behaved in this type of unusual demeanour. They retired not far away of the godown and watched Willems apparently in the course of the evening, until eventually the fast first light used to be by means of the surprising blaze of the emerging solar, and Almayer’s institution awakened to existence and paintings. once he may perhaps break out left out within the bustle of the busy riverside, Willems crossed the river on his method to where the place he had met Aissa. He threw himself down within the grass through the part of the brook and listened for the sound of her footsteps. the bright gentle of day fell during the abnormal starting within the excessive branches of the timber and streamed down, softened, among the shadows of huge trunks. right here and there a slim sunbeam touched the rugged bark of a tree with a golden splash, sparkled at the jumping water of the brook, or rested on a leaf that stood out, shimmering and precise, at the monotonous historical past of sombre eco-friendly tints. The transparent hole of blue above his head was once crossed by way of the fast flight of white rice-birds whose wings flashed within the solar, whereas via it the warmth poured down from the sky, clung concerning the steaming earth, rolled one of the timber, and wrapped up Willems within the delicate and odorous folds of air heavy with the faint smell of blossoms and with the acrid odor of decaying lifestyles.

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