William Blake: The Critical Heritage

By G. E. Bentley Jr.

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The serious Heritage gathers jointly a wide physique of serious assets on significant figures in literature. each one quantity offers modern responses to a writer's paintings, permitting scholar and researcher to learn the fabric themselves.

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Part I Blake’s Life
1 common comments
2 exterior events
3 Politics
4 Visions
5 Madness
6 ‘He is often in Paradise’

Part II Writings
7 studies of Malkin’s account of Blake (1806)
8 basic comments
9 Poetical Sketches (1783)
10 The booklet of Thel (1789)
11 The French Revolution (1791)
12 Songs of Innocence and of expertise (1789, 1794)
13 the USA (1793) and Europe (1794)
14 Descriptive Catalogue (1809)
15 Jerusalem (1804–?20)

Part III Drawings
16 General comments

Part IV Engraved designs
17 General comments
18 Salzmann, components of Morality (1791)
19 Burger, Leonora (1796)
20 Cumberland, strategies on define (1796)
21 Stuart and Revett, Antiquities of Athens, vol. III, 1794
22 Young, evening concepts (1797)
23 Hayley, Essay on Sculpture (1800)
24 Hayley, Designs to a sequence of Ballads (1802)
25 Hayley, Life...of William Cowper (1803)
26 Hayley, Triumphs of mood (1803)
27 Hoare, educational Correspondence (1804)
28 Hayley, Ballads (1805)
29 Blair, The Grave (1808)
General reviews, 1805–63
General reviews, 1810–26
30 The Prologue and Characters of Chaucer’s Pilgrims (1812)
31 Virgil, Pastorals (1821)
32 Remember Me! (1825, 1826)
33 Illustrations of The e-book of task (1826)
34 Blake’s Illustrations of Dante (?1838)

Part V normal essays on Blake
35 B.H.MALKIN, A Father’s Memoirs of his baby, 1806
36 H.C.ROBINSON, ‘William Blake, artist, poet and non secular mystic’, Vaterländisches Museum, translated, 1811
37 Obituary in Literary Gazette, 1827
38 Obituary in Literary Chronicle, 1827
39 ALLAN CUNNINGHAM, ‘William Blake’ in his Lives of... British Painters, 1830
40 ANON., ‘The innovations of William Blake, painter and poet’, London collage journal, 1830
41 ANON., ‘The final of the supernaturalists’, Fraser’s journal, 1830
42 FREDERICK TATHAM, ‘Life of Blake’, ?1832

Part VI Forgotten Years: References to William Blake 1831– 62


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Ader’s parties—at which Flaxman, Lawrence, and different prime artists have been present—Blake used to be speaking to a bit team accrued around him, inside listening to of a girl whose teenagers had simply come domestic from boarding university for the vacations. ‘The different evening,’ acknowledged Blake, in his ordinary quiet means, ‘taking a stroll, I got here to a meadow, and on the farther nook of it I observed a fold of lambs. Coming closer, the floor blushed with flora; and the wattled cote and its woolly tenants have been of a stupendous pastoral good looks. yet I appeared back, and it proved to be no dwelling flock, yet attractive sculpture. ’ the girl, pondering this a capital holiday-show for her youngsters, eagerly interposed, ‘I beg pardon, Mr. Blake, yet may well I ask the place you observed this? ’ ‘Here, madam,’ replied Blake, touching his brow. 2 As Blake wrote in a single of his final letters, on 12 April 1827, ‘in the genuine guy The mind's eye which Liveth for Ever…I am superior & greater as this silly physique decays’. 1 2 J. T. Smith, Nollekens and his occasions (1828); see Blake files (1969), p. 467. A. Gilchrist, lifetime of William Blake (1863), vol. I, pp. 319–20; see Blake documents (1969), p. 301. 39 5. insanity 1841, 1805, 1830 (a) Such visions in fact persuaded so much of Blake’s contemporaries that he was once mad, as during this fictitious discussion during which Astrophel argues with Evelyn that opium doesn’t make a poet: examine Shakespeare; glance at the wild pencillings of Blake… Ev. A so much unsatisfied comparability, Astrophel. the adaptation among Shakspere and Blake is antipodean. Blake was once a visionary, and concept his fancies real—he was once mad. Shakspere used to be a thinker, and knew all his fancy was once yet mind's eye, notwithstanding genuine can be the proof he wrought from. 1 (b) while girl Hesketh realized that Hayley was once nonetheless patronizing Blake after the trial for sedition, she wrote in horror to Johnny Johnson on 31 July 1805: My hair stands on finish to imagine that Hayley & Blake are as pricey acquaintances as ever! He talks of him as though he was once an Angel! how will you Johnny endure our negative buddy to be therefore impos’d upon? —I don’t doubt he'll poison him in his Turret or set fireplace to all his papers, & bad Hayley will devour in his personal Fires. Such perspectives have been additionally held through these larger certified to pass judgement on, (c) On 27 April 1830 Caroline Bowles wrote to Robert Southey: i'm longing to determine a few of Blake’s engravings from his personal striking designs, of which I first heard from yourself…. Mad notwithstanding he could be, he used to be talented and stable, and a such a lot satisfied being. I must have overjoyed in him. (d) Southey, who had met Blake, answered on eight could: a lot as he's to be sought after, he used to be at the moment so obviously insane, that the principal feeling in speaking with him, or maybe having a look 1 W. C. Dendy, The Philosophy of poser (1841), p. ninety; see Blake documents (1969), p. 489, n. 1. forty THE serious history at him, may perhaps basically be sorrow and compassion. His spouse partook of his madness within the related method (but extra fortunately) as Taylor the pagan’s spouse stuck her husband’s paganism. And there are regularly loopy humans sufficient on the planet to feed and foster such craziness as his….

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